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Artist. Creator. Photographer.

I come from a lineage of fine art. My father, also Frank Gutierrez, was a well known Chicano artist in Los Angeles who challenged the stereotype of the immigrant lens. Growing up, I was able to experience the highest caliber of art, the freest expression of the soul, and the limitless opportunity of what the eye can see. It is from this foundation that I ensure I am reflecting the purity of the memory that I am capturing. 

Frank Gutierrez Visual Artistry exists solely because of the gifts and blessings that God has provided me. I take great care to assess each of my clients' needs and extraordinary features to present them with a finished product which exemplifies the beauty of the moment. I live by my mantra, "It's not just a photoshoot, it's an EXPERIENCE!" I do, and will, take pride in the focus and determination I execute with as I go the extra mile at every turn to elevate your brand with my innovative eye.

Magazine Publications

Sarze. Maxi. TPPMAG. Swing Black. Elléments. Malvie. Vigour. My New York. Marika. Mob Journal. Shuba. Style Cruze. Edith. Rebel. Fashion Magazine NYC. GMARO. L'Amour. Pump. IMIRAGE. The Style Researcher. Boudoir Inspiration. Fienfh. Moevir. GOJI. Moveux. Milan Weekly. Artist Closeup

Awards & Recognitions

The Art of Intuitive Photography Annual Online Photo Exhibition, Winner May '21 & May '22


Guerrilla Art Shows: The Love of Art, Sept '21

Art Apple & Guerrilla Art Shows: Movement, May '22

Notable Clients

Everest Global, St. John's Episcopal Hospital; Buckner Group; Robert Sterling Clark Foundation; Chelsea Film Festival; GHSLWear; Diana Mahrach Couture; Teresa Costa Collection; Marta Michaud Management; Create Model Management; Pat Swift, Modeling Agent; Day Care Council of New York; Citizens Committee for New York City; 21 in '21; Vote Mama; Gleem Beauty; Doien Couture; Mirabelle House Millinery; The Paige Fraser Foundation; August Schools; Chloe Day School & Wellness Center; Stu Loeser & Co.; Adams Buckner Advisors LLC; Dianne Morales, NYC Mayoral Candidate; REVIVE NYFW

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