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Introductions Are in Order

As a professional photographer specializing in headshots & portraiture for businesspeople, models, creative talent and anyone else finding themselves in the pubic eye, I recognize the significance of solid, professional imagery and the level of importance it holds in successful "personal branding."

Imagine for a moment you're a client seeking legal representation from a law firm. As you're called into their conference room, you're escorted down a long hall showcasing framed selfies taken by the firm's partners in their college days! Are they to be taken serious? Trusted? Reliable? Respected in their field?

In the coming weeks I look to enlighten newbies and professionals alike in their specific fields of employment; the importance of investing in themselves. I will not only be drawing inspiration from my personal experiences in the professional world of photography, but also from many relevant resources that touch on branding.

Feel free to sign up for reminders on my latest blogs!

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